Our third baby
Infertility stories

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01/02/05: Week 6
The first scan revealed that our baby had implanted in a good position in the womb, and that the foetal pole had both a strong heartbeat and a yolk sac.
15/02/05: Week 8
The second scan showed how much the baby had grown. We could now clearly see its heart, head, spine and developing umbilical cord.
01/03/05: Week 10
Our baby was now 33mm long, and was growing and moving well. By this stage it had switched from the yolk sac to the placenta.
15/03/05: Week 12
Our baby was now 57mm long, and was wriggling throughout the whole scan. We saw all its major organs, limbs and bone structure, and even think we know what sex it is...
hand hand head remains of yolk sac body
03/05/05: Week 19
This is a picture from the anomaly scan at the John Radcliffe Hospital. It confirmed what we suspected from the 12-week scan: we're expecting a boy.
03/05/05: Week 19
Another pic from the anomaly scan: a close-up of the baby's head. The scan overall showed us that the pregnancy is progressing normally.

Our baby was born on 07/10/05.
If you'd like to see a picture of him, click here.





foetal pole head umbilical cord heart head hand hand nose mouth eye (closed) head body