Our second baby
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foetal pole amniotic fluid yolk sac head arm arm legs
14/10/02: Week 6
Our first scan showed a foetal pole (and yolk sac) in amniotic fluid. It also revealed a strong heartbeat.
28/10/02: Week 8
The second scan. Our baby was 1.24cm long, and had the beginnings of arms and legs, but no significant movement yet.
head arm arm leg leg head arm hand body placenta
11/11/02: Week 10
This was the first time we saw our baby move; and we could quite clearly see its arms, legs and head.
25/11/02: Week 12
This was the most detailed scan so far: we could see our baby's fingers and toes, and it wriggled from start to finish.
27/01/03: Week 21
The routine anomaly scan told us that everything seems fine with our baby, but didn't tell us its sex...
27/01/03: Week 21
...however, an emergency scan the previous week had revealed that in all likelihood we were expecting a girl.

Our baby was born on 28/05/03.
If you'd like to see a picture of her, click here.




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