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Infertility stories

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foetal pole foetal pole amniotic fluid head body
29/02/00: Week 6
At this stage we have twins: the picture shows two amniotic sacs with foetal poles (the small white dots).
13/03/00: Week 8
By week 8 the left twin has died, leaving us with our singleton. Here you can already see its head, torso and limbs.
head umbilical cord legs body heart head spine
28/03/00: Week 10
Week 10, and our baby really looks like a baby. We could see its head, teeth, spine, legs and arms—and we saw it move.
07/06/00: Week 20
This picture was taken at the anomaly scan, where we discovered that everything appears to be fine, and that our 'it' is a boy.
head spine leg spine head spine heart hand
07/06/00: Week 20
Another anomaly scan ultrasound, from a slightly different angle. In this one you can see one of his legs (on the left).
07/06/00: Week 20
The final anomaly scan pic. The baby is facing away slightly, and holding up his right hand.

Our baby was born on 25/10/00.
If you'd like to see a picture of him, click here.