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Greetings, minions. Before I stoop to criticise those puny underlings with whom I once toiled in vain, I recommend that you quit this page and visit either the multi-format Llamasoft Lleague or the regular C64 challenges at the Lemon League. The Llamasoft Lleague offers a competition which, though no match for those epic battles which I regularly supervised in the pages of Zzap! magazine, nonetheless sustains the interest of retro gamers from around the world. (Should you prove hopelessly incapable of understanding how the Lleague works, even the most irritating of your questions will be answered in the Llamasoft Forum.) If your skills are limited to the Commodore arena, you can join in the ongoing challenges at Lemon. These regularly feature classic C64 games, suggested by the provocatively-titled "Matt" but voted for by all participants... However, should neither of these competitions appeal to the spineless, lily-livered, yellowbacked demi-molluscs that you undoubtedly are, I will permit you to remain here—where, at last, I can finally reveal what it was like to endure those loathsome individuals who passed through Zzap! Towers. Why I tolerated these inadequate fools in exchange for their wretched service I shall never understand; perhaps I was too forgiving. The oafish Penn, the mullet-haired Rignall, the bloated Houghton, the interminable Wynne—I should have annihilated them when I had the chance. And once that insignificant task was complete, it would have been a mere trifle to conquer the rest of Newsfield, then Ludlow, and then—the world! ...It was not to be. Because of their inadequacies as human beings, they and all their spineless henchmen slipped through my grasp before I had the chance to deal with them in a fitting manner... But my triumphant return begins here! I am a chronicler of high scores once more, this time for the Commodore 64 emulators. I assume that you are a worthy champion and can defeat the pathetic totals below, or have a score of your own not listed here. If so, send me the details, along with your name, earthly location, and a screenshot which proves your achievement—the top 3 in each category will be listed, and the newest entries will be identified by a phlegm-coloured asterisk. Be warned, however: cheats will be crushed to a pulp in my iron grip. If you lack the courage to be a champion, click on my head to go to the Zzap! Contents, touch the panel on my chest to return to the C64 page, or click on my hands to visit this creature's pathetically-named 'Burrow'.

35,658,000 shteev, UK
32,396,400 Boçù, Italy
26,338,300 Apollyon, Germany
Attack of the Mutant Camels
138,467 Sickboy, UK
131,157 CharlieF, UK
130,577 Mayhem, UK
Batman the Movie
217,560 Maff Rignall, Aus

Beach Head
112,200 Stephen Pimblet, UK

Bionic Commando
1,096,780 Boçù, Italy
68,630 Maff Rignall, Aus
2,227 Arac, UK
776,278 Ademir Cortes, Aus
219,089 Paul E. Morrison, USA
194,745 Kati Hamza, UK

Bruce Lee
119,100 Stephen Pimblet, UK

Bubble Bobble
2,593,460 Studly, Canada
2,309,570 Robert Yaw, UK
1,852,550 Boçù, Italy
Buggy Boy
138,680 Thunderer, Macedonia
138,210 Toggle, Germany
130,300 Boçù, Italy
153,808 Boçù, Italy
Creatures 2
40,280 Boçù, Italy
David's Midnight Magic
1,214,080 RFBcsa, Netherlands
1,154,490 Toggle, Germany
979,600 Firefox, Switzerland
106,960 Boçù, Italy
97,130 Ahriman, UK
75,090 Gordon Houghton, UK

1,169,380 shteev UK
1,087,380 Mayhem, UK
679,300 Squonk, Switzerland

221,330 Paul E. Morrison, USA
Forbidden Forest
287,917 Andy Startin, UK
86,640 Kris, UK
Ghosts 'n' Goblins
166,200 shteev, UK
117,400 shocktrooper, Holland
110,900 mid64, USA
Ghouls 'n' Ghosts
* 79,200 Monty
* 62,700 The Dark Prince
* 40,750 White Demon
Green Beret
* 2,146,500 Lasse, Finland
* 621,700 Juganawt
* 293,700 Apollyon, Germany
Great Giana Sisters
61,612 Maff Rignall, Aus
60,232 Syntaxerror, Germany
49,415 Das Meer, Switzerland
1,428,900 shteev, UK
1,232,200 elduderino, Germany
897,450 Piti, Argentina
Hades Nebula
132,600 Tobias Hultman, Sweden
452,400 Boçù, Italy
!!!!!!!!!!!! Martin Zurlinden, Ger
208,457 Keir Howell, USA
164,684 Rik, Ireland
Hunter's Moon
Gordon Houghton, UK
18,200 Craig Grannell, UK
10,525 Anthony Stiller, Aus
392,300 Mayhem, UK
380,500 Sickboy, UK
281,800 WalterMß, Italy
Ikari Warriors
328,400 Boçù, Italy
327,400 Juganawt
324,600 Aliens, Spain
Impossible Mission
31,492 Sickboy, UK
31,458 Muttley, UK
31,432 Mayhem, UK
251,760 Ademir Cortes, Aus
90,740 Ace, Germany
45,320 Ahriman, UK

Iridis Alpha  
* 361 950 shteev, UK
270,470 Mayhem, UK
244,900 moobaa, Australia

41,375 Keir Howell, USA
Jumpman Jr
58,625 Keir Howell, USA

699,020 Boçù, Italy

Lode Runner
1,999,050 Golan Klinger, Canada

Manic Miner
20,774 Ademir Cortes, Aus
Mega Apocalypse
50,890 Jay, UK (Retro View)

Montezuma's Revenge
161,250 Golan Klinger, Canada
151,150 Gordon Houghton, UK
108,470 Andy Symons, UK

48,115 Boçù, Italy
9,875 Simon Allen, UK
Oh No
871,640 Paul E. Morrison, USA
466,630 Das Meer, Switzerland
232,840 Syntaxerror, Germany
213,810 Tom Simons, Belgium
21,000 Paul E. Morrison, USA
9,400 Das Meer, Switzerland
4,200 Maff Rignall, Aus
145,865 Sandman, UK
138,925 tnt/beyond force, Fin
129,365 genrex, Pakistan
Park Patrol
73,530 Paul E. Morrison, USA
28,480 Kati Hamza, UK
10,200 Colm McFadden, UK
2,541,400 Sickboy, UK
1,772,780 Mr Anderson, UK
1,715,630 shteev, UK
Pogo Joe
219,880 Keir Howell, USA

Pub Trivia
4,450 Stephen Pimblet, UK






Rainbow Islands
2,362,580 Apollyon, Germany
2,109,470 Squonk, Switzerland
1,980,000 hannibal, Denmark
106,740 Ahriman, UK
Rick Dangerous
32,830 AJ, USA
26,110 Andy Wood, UK
564,450 Paul E. Morrison, USA
509,250 Lafey, Portugal
503,650 Robert Yaw, UK
* 251,000 Lasse, Finland
* 249,700 The Dark Prince
* 245,590 Sandman
805,100 Tom Simons, Belgium
429,770 Jay, UK (Retro View)
Slimey's Mine
134,900 Leigh Bennett, UK
37,800 Glen Madeira, USA

Space Taxi
* $1,614.09 Blabgorius IV
* $1,545.42 Lasse, Finland
* $1,160.78 shteev, UK

Star Paws
274,932 Boçù, Italy
134,640 Stephen Pimblet, UK

Super Cycle
124,620 Danny Rawlins, Aus
108,440 Arac, UK
41,608 Craig Grannell, UK
15,159 Tom Simons, Belgium
5,634 Jay, UK (Retro View)
219,650 Steve Robb, UK
177,300 shteev, UK
138,600 hannibal, Denmark
* 1,428,670 shteev
* 1,308,430 The Dark Prince
* 1,261,110 hannibal

892,860 Syntaxerror, Germany

128,440 Andy Wood, UK

Turrican 2
3,746,980 Syntaxerror, Germany
Paul E. Morrison, USA
77,180 Tobias Hultman, Sweden
34,430 AJ, USA
182,530 Sickboy, UK
162,010 Mayhem, UK
159,755 Moobaa, Aus
* 6,807,945 Lester M Fong, UK
929,378 Jay, UK (Retro View)
Wizard of Wor
506,200 Studly, Canada
365,400 Roberto, Italy
360,000 Lasse, Finland

999,999 Ademir Cortes, Aus
736,450 Craig Grannell, UK
535,200 Boçù, Italy

Wonderboy in Monsterland
1,693,380 Toggle, Germany
1,267,400 Boçù, Italy
1,219,070 Sanitarium83, Finland
93,790 Mayhem, UK
68,155 Mr Anderson, UK
67,685 SeattleStokie, UK