Click here to return to the Gallery index page Click here to return to the Zzap! Contents Click here to return to The Burrow What can you say about this section of the gallery, except... Are there really only five pictures in here? Does it deserve a separate page of its own? Do I have to download and read the entire Newsfeel magazine? And why is that picture Gary Penn sent you smiling in that strange way? The answers are: unfortunately, yes; probably not; only if you're a nut; I don't know, maybe he was feeling happy when he drew it. Apart from that, you already know the answers: left-clicking displays the pic in your browser, right-clicking and selecting 'Save As...' downloads it to your hard drive. By the way, if anyone out there feels like contributing to this page with Zzap!-related artwork / photos / anything else, I won't peck your hand off... On second thoughts, I probably will, so it's safer to send your contributions to the guy who puts me in a cage every night so I won't go tearing up cattle in the countryside, Mr Fatso:. He'll probably be ever-so-grateful and lovely and thank you profusely, basically because he's got no spine and wouldn't recognise a genuinely decent act of charity if it bit him in the arse. Well, it's time for me to sign off now, unless this lamer finds something to fill another gallery page, which is about as likely as me turning vegetarian. By the way, the same hotspots as before will guide you out of here—and this time when I say I don't want you to click on my throat, I really mean it... Can I go home now?


Neil Crump (aka Pyramidhead) sent me this extremely rare and previously unseen cover (123K) Newsfeel, Newsfield's internal staff magazine (290K) Stephen Stuttard (aka Mort) sent me this scan of Jaz's C&VG triumph (80K)
Gary Penn sent me this picture (1K)
Tim Gilchrist sent me this Paradroid wallpaper (1024x768 res). Click here to download it, or here to view (20K)



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