Click here to return to the Gallery index page Click here to return to the Zzap! Contents Click here to return to The Burrow So here I am minding my own business, thinking how nice it would be to fly free from this cage for just a couple of seconds, or maybe take a holiday now and then on some rodent-filled island, when I'm told I have to write another introduction. This time it's about the Zzap! staff. What can I say about those jovial joystick jugglers from years gone by? Those roister-doistering writers, those terrific tipsters, those wielders of wit and wisdom? Frankly, nothing good, so I won't spin out this bullshit any further. You know the score: left-click to yada, and right-click to yada yada yada. And don't touch my throat or the consequences will be dire for you and your'n for many generations to come. Probably. And don't ask me what that cuddly toy Jaz is holding is called. It's either Egbert or Tracy, or something else entirely, and to be honest I no longer care. But please, if someone has a better picture of Stuart Wynne than the one below, even if it's one that you've scanned in from an old issue, send it to El Fatto. He'll probably ignore you, if he's in a mood, which he is most of the time these days, despite my charming company, but then again he might just put it online. What do I know? I'm just a minion who could blow a better website than this out of his arse.


Gordon Houghton (13K) Kati Hamza (23K) Ken attacks Maff (26K) Jaz Rignall (38K) Steve Jarratt (18K)
Paul Glancey (25K) Randy (11K) Maff and Paul at work
in Zzap! Towers (33K)
Caroline and Viv,
Zzap!'s editorial assistants (40K)
Maff fishface (35K) Maff rubberface (31K) Editorial meeting (20K) The Bitmap Bros? (9K)
Maff Evans and Paul Rand (35K) Stuart Wynne (23K) The Zzap! team receive news of their imminent redundancy (24K) Robin (and Andy, who supplied
this and the Stu pic) (33K)


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