Click here to return to the Gallery index page Click here to return to the Zzap! Contents Click here to return to The Burrow Read my stomach: this is the logos page. Well, forget about that for a moment. Have I ever told you how miserable I am? How I wake each morning, and the only thing that keeps me going is the prospect of fleeing my cage for a few moments on the off-chance that I might get my claws into a spring lamb, or a juicy calf, or maybe even a cuddly fluffy bunny rabbit? How all I actually get is the odd bit of raw chicken tossed into my cage now and then by He Who Must Lose Weight? It's a sad story, I know, but no worse than the fate of a million inflatable pterodactyls worldwide. Still, enough about them, and on with the day job. A senile old stegasaurus once told me it takes over a minute to download a 300K file on a 56K modem. However, that advice is completely useless on this page, because no file here is more than 40K in size. So, with the speed of a tyrannosaur in Nikes, you can left-click to reveal the full-sized logos in all their glory, and right-click and select 'Save As...' to download them directly to your trailer park. What you do with them after that is up to you. Use them on your own website. Stick them on your desktop. Print them out and gaze at them with tears of nostalgia in your eyes and a lump of lost youth in your throat. What do I care? Speaking of throats, don't you dare touch mine. I mean it.


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