Click here to return to the Gallery index page Click here to return to the Zzap! Contents Click here to return to The Burrow Welcome to the poorly named Sample Pages and Images section of the Zzap! Gallery—with titling talents like that, it's no wonder this particular editor's stewardship died out long ago. His profound and almost limitless inadequacies apart, you might find something here which pleases you; though frankly, I doubt it. Why not zip over to Iain Black's excellent Zzap! 64 site instead? He's been scanning and uploading complete issues of Zzap! for months, which is far more than this lamer has even considered. As you can see, his efforts extend to a cover, a couple of cartoons, a token review, some other measly offerings... and that's your lot. And it's not like I haven't got better things to do than sit here and introduce this waste of webspace. There are small rodents to catch. I desperately need a manicure. And these teeth don't look after themselves, you know. Well, what does he care? I'm virtually a slave here. Millions of years of evolution, and for what? I end up as host on a page that three people will barely glance at before turning off the computer in disgust. And my back hurts, in case anyone's wondering. And I won't even mention my neck, because someone's bound to go and touch it. I've just been prosecuted for speeding, too. Still, mustn't grumble.


Cover: issue 43 (92K) Contents (139K) cartoon (48K) Chuck Vomit (100K) Manoeuvres (135K)
Rrap (117K) PG's Tips (157K) Walker's Way (238K) Challenge (115K) Zzapback (104K)
Scorelord (99K) me tips (91K) Armalyte review (342K) 10 Things... Kati Hamza (41K) Cover: Christmas issue 44 (91K)


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