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Emily's story

....Gosh, I'm having all these symptoms, maybe I'm pg. No, it's just the P4 supplements silly. But I've got this weird cramping, surely this must be good? No, remember, you get this every time you take fertility meds. Well, I've had to pee a lot lately. So, you've been drinking tons of water lately too. But I was really hungry all day yesterday and early for lunch today too. Isn't this a good sign? No, just a PMS symptom for you, remember???? Why do you think you gained all that weight while you were trying TTC#1?? Plus, you've been poking your boobs all day and they're not even all that sore. Shouldn't they be more sore by now? But it's EASTER - isn't that a sign? No - you've had several BFNs on Easter. Remember how disappointed you were each time? But I did injects this time & should have had 3 mature follies? But you O'd early b4 the HCG shot and had to cancel your IUI. Doesn't seem to promising to me. Plus, it can't work the first time, can it? Well, what about all the yam-head things I've done lately, like almost getting on the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane w/only me in the car, and falling asleep on the floor at 7:30 the other night. Silly girl, you've worn your brain almost completely out with all these silly thoughts. Only time will tell, just get back to work and try not to think about it. Yeah right!
LOL - I'm going insane over here!!!! I'm 11dpo and will be in the nuthouse soon!

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