» A links page? That's *so* 1990s. Well, anyway...

1. Adbusters The global network of culture jammers: artists, activists, writers, pranksters, students, educators and entrepreneurs.
2. Radiohead Everyone knows about Radiohead. This is a link for those of you who've recently awakened from a coma.
3. Bordersdown A friendly, knowledgeable forum I visit every day: discussions about games ancient and modern, multi-region, multi-format.
4. The Burrow My favourite Franz Kafka story is The Burrow. It's why I called my site The Burrow. This is the Wikipedia article.
5. Chomsky Articles, interviews and books all about or by the world's greatest living linguist and libertarian socialist.
6. Exploding Dog Interactive cartoons: you suggest a title, he does the drawing. Quirkily appealing.
7. Lemon Covers all aspects of the Commodore 64, particularly the emulation scene. Nicely designed and regularly updated.
8. The Llamasoft Forum Chat about retro gaming, or anything else, at this cosily informal message board.